Christmas celeb


First, let me shout, A blessed and Merry Christmas to all my Christian and non-Christian friends! And happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends!

Do you know that some of my Christian friends refuse to celebrate Christmas! Why? They said, that is not Jesus’ birthday! December was too cold for shepherds to be in the fields caring for sheep, so the birth could not have been this time of the year. So, they are not celebrating, that’s fine.  I get it. But, they don’t stop there, they are trying to spoil it for everybody else based on this technicality.

I almost miss out on my own birthday based on the same technicality. My mother told me I was born in a given month on a particular day; I figured She must be right, because she was there. My birth was not a walk in the park. So, it was not the kind of experience a woman would forget.

Well, I grew up, got a copy of my birth certificate, and to my surprise the date is different from what my mother told me. That put me in a quandary, who do I believe! My mother or the piece of paper? For several years I just couldn’t decide, so I celebrated no birthday.

After a while I said, this is foolish, so I celebrated both. And for a while it was fun, when people missed my birthday and thought they were off the hook for a gift—I said, I have another one coming up. Well, I am back to celebrating one, just one! The one I have documentation for. I also learn that my situation is not unique, that many of my country folks have the same experience.

I have not spoken to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, on this birthday issue or ask her for the birth certificate of her Son, and I am sure you have not done so either. Perhaps, the midwife that assisted in the manger kept a copy. Did I say midwife? The important thing is not the when or where He was born, but the fact that He was born. So, drop the technicality and let’s celebrate. Merry Christmas!

Author: Michael Dewar
mentor, spiritual leader
Executive Director, Dwelling Place Cleansing

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You are Weighed in the Balances and Found Wanting


You are weighed in the balances and found wanting (Dan.5:27)


It was a Who’s Who party hosted by the king for his top executives. It was held in the opulent west-wing ballroom of the palace; luxuriously appointed, no expenses spared, no refined detail overlooked. The guests were elegantly dressed; the king was graced with wives and concubines at his side. The Babylonian orchestra entertained with music and dancing-girls. The menu was extravagant; the wine was from the king’s own special collection, delicious, and plentiful.

The party was in high gear, everybody in good spirit; the king was himself entertaining. But still wanting to impress his guests, set about to further humiliate the exiled Jews in his kingdom. Many served the present and previous administration with exceptional skill and loyalty. The king called for the holy vessels taken from Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem that his predecessor had enough sense to put away in safekeeping, not desecrating them with common use.

The holy vessels arrived in the banqueting hall close to midnight; the rest of the city is quiet and asleep, but the playboy king was at his happy hour. He called for wine to be poured into these holy vessels to serve his wives and concubines. It about that time heaven said, that it! You have gone too far!

Suddenly, there appeared a disembodied hand writing on the palace wall. Everybody froze, and the hall went eerie quiet. The king began to shake, his tongue stuttered as he called for his intelligence officials to read the writing on the wall, but none could. Somebody shouted from across the hall, O king live forever! There is a Jew in your kingdom that interpreted the dreams of your predecessor. He has the spirit of the gods in him!

They rushed Daniel into the banquet hall, perhaps still in his pajamas. The king still shaking with fright said, I will give you anything if you can read this writing and tell me its meaning! Well, don’t you love. Daniel took his sweet time to first give the king a good tongue lashing about his debauched lifestyle. Telling him he did not learn a thing from what God did to his predecessor, Nebuchadnezzar. God humbled him, and he had enough sense to acknowledge the God of heaven as the King of kings, but you Belshazzar learned nothing from that, how to fear God.

Well, let me read this writing and give you the meaning: MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN.

  • Mene: God has numbered the days of you reign and brought it to an end.
  • Tekel: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting
  • Parsin (Peres): Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.

Babylon fell that night and the king was dead before the next sunrise. Everybody takes note, you cannot play with God and mistreat His people for long and get away with. The chickens have a way to come home to roost. That means a day of reckoning comes for everybody, kings, presidents, governors, and ordinary folks, either here or hereafter. (Read the full story in Daniel 5).

Author: Michael Dewar
Spiritual leader, Mentor, author
Executive Director – Dwelling Place Cleansing
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A Season to be Thankful

                              Oh, Give Thanks unto the Lord for He is Good!


First, let me say a blessed and happy thanksgiving to all!

2017 so far, has been a rough and disastrous year for many: hurricane, earthquake, flood, wild-fire, church shootings, military ambush, financial reverses, and health challenges. Yet, for all that, if you are alive there is something to be thankful for. It is true, a living dog is far better than a dead lion. The dog has hope to see another sunrise, not the lion. In other words, life gives us a hope and a future, something to celebrate.

It is strange that from last year to the beginning months of 2017, I spent much time answering the questions people asked about their personal flourishing. Here are the questions they ask me: Why so many talk blessing, but there are little to no fruits of blessing upon their lives? They live with constant lack, could there be a curse preventing some people from flourishing? Bless and Curse Not, is my answer to these questions.

Even here in the United States, the land of enormous wealth and abundance, there are still people who are dirt poor, and cannot make two ends meet. There are many causes to the problem of poverty including bad social policies, lack of education, lack of opportunity, to name a few. I don’t think blaming the victim absolves a society from providing for its own. Caring for the poor is an act of mercy. We read these words from our Lord, “Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy” (Matt.5:7).

Finally, lack or poverty is not only result of social policies and the other reasons named, but in some cases, it is a spiritual problem that cause resources to dry up for some people. This includes curses that people live under for years. People can ignorantly curse their own blessing, because “the tongue has the power of life and death” (Prov.18:21). These issues are addressed in Bless and Curse Not. Thanksgiving and Christmas are seasons of giving, put this resource on your gift list; it will certainly bless someone many years to come.

A blessed Thanksgiving!


Author: Michael Dewar
Mentor, author, spiritual leader.
Lives in New York