Is your Dwelling Place Spiritually Cleansed?

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Dwelling Place Spiritual Cleansing

Every home has a natural and a spiritual history. For that reason every house is naturally and spiritually desecrated by the people who lived in them. Spiritual desecration is more dangerous because it is unseen and cannot be removed by ordinary cleaning agents . Like toxic chemicals, it harmfully lingers at a site long after the dwellers have moved. Before you move in with your family that space needs to be spiritually cleansed and reclaimed. You health and wellness depend upon it. It could be the reason for some relationship conflicts, lack of good health and flourishing and people don’t have a clue what’s happening to them. Even the land some houses sit on is desecrated. Get started with a paperback copy of this book.

The text on spiritual cleansing-
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The Peace-loving Church

Destructive conflicts not only destroy homes and families; it destroys churches too. Conflict has driven many pastors from the ministry and many members from the local church. The problem is, most churches do not train their members to be peacemakers which is a Christian duty. So, members are quick to trash the church and run to cross-town church to take up new membership without repenting of the hurt they caused at the previous church. Well, we at Dwelling Place provide consultation and training to help local churches deal will conflicts. We help churches to establish their own in-house peace ministry. The training course below is for every local church and pastor, seminary, divinity school Bible college, and small group.

Textbook on Conflict
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End-time Readiness

Where are we heading, and when will we get there? We are living in the time of the end since the resurrection of Jesus. To us that’s 2000 years but to God, it’s only two days. Knowledge of the time of the end which we now live, is critical to your spiritual readiness for the Lord’s return. Hosea the prophet said, God’s people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Whether we die or live, we must personally face the coming judgment, but millions are oblivious as to what’s coming and how to prepare for it. The best gift you can give to yourself and others, is to be well prepared and help others to be prepared for this court date that we all have coming. Reading the Book of Life below is a good place to start. Help your friends and family to get registered to the Lamb’s book of life.

Get Registered in Heaven
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Church and family conflict training

Do you know a family that is not flourishing? Put the dwelling place cleansing book in their hands. Do you attend church? Put the Church and Family Conflict book in the pastor’s hand. Do you know someone with no spiritual concern? Give them the Book of Life. Do you lead a prayer or study group, do the training course below.

This is the Instructor’s Manual. The instructor also needs the green cover textbook.
This is the textbook.
This is the Student Manual for church conflict training. The student also needs the green cover textbook.