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“The Great Tribulation Survival Guide For Those Left Behind” is here.

Welcome! I am Michael, an author. I invite you checkout my new book and partner with me giving it to others.

  1. Very soon, the worldwide Breaking News will be: millions of people are missing this morning all over the world. It is rumored that they have been take up to heaven, to protect them from the coming disasters.
  2. When that happens which group will you be in: the one that is gone or the group left-behind? If you are among the left-behind, survival is not going to be easy.
  3. For this reason, I have published the survival guide above. I need your help to get it into as many hands as possible.
  4. Here is what I ask you to do -purchase two copies of the paperback version: keep one and give away the other to a parent, family, or friend or enemy. Also leave your email blow that I can thank you and update you on this project.

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