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Roe vs Wade

A Conversation with My Daughter on Roe vs Wade     My daughter said to me, “I know you are not a Republican, but do you think we should end Roe vs. Wade?” I said, ‚ÄúNeither do I wear the name tag of Democrat or Independent, but I must make a choice to vote. Yes, Roe vsContinue reading “Roe vs Wade”

Related Events to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Part 1: The Rapture Author: Michael Dewar, D.Min Introduction My recently published book, The Great Tribulation Survival Guide for Those Left Behind, has certainly generated spirited discussion on social media among certain sectarian fringe groups. The discussions, to some extent, reveals a fundamental lack of knowledge concerning the Second Coming of Christ. This article isContinue reading “Related Events to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ”

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