The Book of Life

His Majesty’s Archives

My new book  entitled “The Book of Life & The Books of Wrath”  was released to bookstores everywhere April 2013. It takes you into the heavenly archives of His Majesty’s government and gives you a rare look at two sets of records kept in heaven on the human family. It has all of us on record, including you and me. This should not surprise any of us for all governments keep a record of its subjects, and since the concept of government is a divine idea (gone bad in the hands of man) it follows that some recording keeping is necessary. I would be very disappointed if heaven has no record on good people like Mother Teresa and bad people like Hitler. Fairness requires it and Justice demands; this is why there are two sets of records.

The book that you would want your name in is “The Book of Life.”  What most people don’t know is that going to heaven requires “prior registration.” The good news is that registration is going on now and its free. Like everything else, if you want in, you have to make getting registered a priority. This book shows you how.

I would welcome your feedback on this book on Amazon or  Barnes and Noble book review. We can have a conversation right here on endtimetalk as well.

Michael Dewar

Published by The Dwelling Place

I am, Michael Dewar, author and director of Dwelling Place and the chief writer. Professionally, I am pastor, Bible teacher, mentor in the spiritual life, a specialist and consultant in church and family conflicts. I also have a background in Social Work (LMSW) and mental healtn.

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