The Great Tribulation Survival Guide

All hell will break loose when the people of God are raptured from the earth. Every man will be for himself; your mother will betray you to stay alive. If you are among the left behind crowd, you are to be pitied, because you could have gone with us. Since, I don’t plan on beingContinue reading “The Great Tribulation Survival Guide”

When A Physical Ailment Has Spiritual Connections or Causes

Author Michael W. Dewar Introduction Somebody you know may be suffering loss of health, loss of family or loss of property, and they are at their wits end ready to throw in the proverbial towel because they have tried everything to recover to no avail. This article examines connections outside of the natural realm, connectionsContinue reading “When A Physical Ailment Has Spiritual Connections or Causes”


By Michael W. Dewar (July 2021) IntroductionThe issue of decency in attire addressed in this article is my no means applicable to all local churches; there are millions of believers in hundreds of churches nationwide that are proud representatives of the kingdom of God in all areas of their lives. All churches, however, can drawContinue reading “WHERE ARE THE CHRISTIAN CLOTHES DESIGNERS?”