Barriers to Health, Advancement in Life and Financial Success (Part 1)

Author: Michael Dewar, Sr.
Executive Director
Dwelling Place Cleansing
June 28th 2016
I have come across many people in life with advanced degrees from outstanding colleges and universities with relatively good jobs, but they live mediocre lives. They never advance in their field; promotion always bypass them. Some live in constant conflict at home and work, conflicts that bring relationships to a bitter end. Their children are in trouble. They live in financial lack and debt; their health is marginal. Yet, for all this, they cannot account for what they are doing wrong to make life such hell. Well, what I am sharing in this two-part article may surprise you.
First, there is good news. You might be doing nothing wrong to warrant the setback you are experiencing. It may be what you have not done or not doing. Your present (life) may have merged with the past (life) of other people at home or on the job, and you are unaware of the dynamics at work here. Now, this information parents don’t teach to their children, nor professors to their students, and very few clergy to their parishioners. It is a mystery that partly came to light few decades ago during the AIDS crisis and quickly moved back into the shadows.
The secret that manifested itself during the AIDS crisis is this—when a person is sexually intimate with a promiscuous person who was or is sexually intimate with many partners, you are actually sleeping with all the persons that the promiscuous person slept with before you, and that put your health at risk. But this article is not about sexuality; it is about a wider issue that has been a well-kept secret until now.
When you move into a house, apartment, coop, or condo that you buy or rent, you are actually merging your present life with the past lives of those that occupied that space before you. Physically, they are gone from that location, but their life-styles and histories are memorialized in that house and at that site. We subconsciously know this—that’s why we disinfect, change wall-paper and repaint, but our conscious mind deal with it  as personal taste or preference because no one told us that the life-style histories of previous dwellers remain and can harm us, if we don’t have it removed by a spiritual authority.
If you are a little skeptical about this, I don’t blame you. I was skeptical when it was first shown to me. If the people who lived in the dwelling before you were wicked people: murderers, drug-dealers, thieves, liars, swindlers, sorcerers and witchcraft workers, that history is memorialized at the site just as their physical DNA is left at the location. Physical DNA is short-lived, but life-style histories remain buried indefinitely like toxic chemical until someone cleans it up. Life-style histories require a spiritual clean-up job by a spiritual authority.
This is the hidden secret that is affecting the lives of millions of people at home, and they have not a clue what is happening to them. For example, conflict is a normal human phenomenon, but conflict is also a spirit that is destructive; it is responsible for destroying millions of marriages and families. The Harrisons were always fighting. They lived twenty years in bitterness in the house at 26 Locus Street; they finally divorced, but due to bitterness the relationship ended in murder.
 The house was empty for a long time, then was refurbished by a real estate company who later sold it to the Jones who came from out-of-state. The house was immaculate, looked like new, but it needed a spiritual clean-up job. The Jones never heard of dwelling place spiritual cleansing, so they just move in and start living. They had not a clue of the turns that their lives were about to go through.
Here is what you should never forget: before you move into a house, apartment or coop to live, always assume that it is spiritually desecrated, no matter how beautiful and innocent it looks. Have that house spiritually cleansed before you move in or shortly there-after. You owe it to yourself and your family to get it done.  Learn more


Published by The Dwelling Place

I am, Michael Dewar, author and director of Dwelling Place and the chief writer. Professionally, I am pastor, Bible teacher, mentor in the spiritual life, a specialist and consultant in church and family conflicts. I also have a background in Social Work (LMSW) and mental healtn.

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