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Michael Dewar, Author
Can the appointed or elected leader of a nation bring prosperity or disaster to that nation? Can the Divine or even nature itself (e.g. earthquake, hurricane) participate in that disaster? This blog article is a commentary on an old and familiar story in a current news format; it provides clues to the question.

Terror Last Night
I am Jonathan Caleb, reporting live for CMM from Cairo, Egypt. Last night terror unprecedented hit this nation, and has left every household with someone dead. The mystery is, this  was not an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, disease, nuclear or chemical weapon’s attack. The intelligence officials are baffled. The attack was very selective in that it killed the first-born of each family.

To add insult to injury, over three million Hebrew slaves that comprised the labor force of this country have fled with their families and material belongings early this morning. They were living in a community named, Goshen. There is not one person or animal left in Goshen; they are all gone. This will devastate the nation’s economy.

The Government Intelligence Agency (GIA) is focusing their investigation on a ringleader of the Hebrew slaves named, Moshe. He is the adopted son of the king’s daughter. She rescued him as an abandon baby from Nile several decades ago, and paid for his care until he was about thirteen. At about age fifteen, the young man moved to live with the Royal Family at the palace. He received a good education and served with distinction in the arm forces. Moshe was always sympathetic to the plight of the Hebrew slaves, but he crossed the line when he struck an Egyptian to death for beating a Hebrew slave. He did not report the incident to authorities.

To cover-up his crime, he hid the body and kept silent about it. But an eye-witness implicated Moshe as the killer, but everyone thought the charge was absurd, that the Prince was wrongly accused. However, the GIA investigation later revealed Moshe as an imposter, claiming he is the son of Hebrew slaves. Some are asking for his birth certificate to prove his identity.

Upon this revelation, Moshe fled the country about forty years ago. But reliable sources said, he returned to the country last month demanding liberation for the Hebrew slaves. He claims to be on mission for some unknown desert God. The king and his advisors laughed at him, and had him escorted off the palace grounds. But Moshe is said to possess strange powers, more advanced than that of the military. Since he came back, many strange phenomena have happened; the GIA is attributing them to disturbance in nature. But the deaths that occurred in each Egyptian household last night left intelligence officials baffled and speechless.

Interview with Moshe’s Brother
Early this morning, I caught up with Moshe’s brother Aaron. He confirmed that the Hebrew families experienced no death at all; they were forewarned to stay inside their houses and observe a ritual feast they named, Passover. This feast is to be celebrated annually through all generations to come. It assures that their liberating God will protect and defend them wherever they go.

Each household was instructed to kill a lamb and put some of the blood on the front door of their house to protect them from the angel of death scheduled to pass through the land at mid-night last night, to strike down the first-born of each family. They were instructed to eat the prepared meal of roasted lamb, unleavened bread and bitter herbs in haste, and be ready to leave the country at dawn’s early light. All households did that, and are all safe leaving the country this more (Ex.12).

According to Aaron, these former slaves under Moshe’s leadership are heading toward the desert in the region of the Red Sea. They claim to be going to a land flowing with milk and honey. Rumor has it that your 2016 presidential election, back there in America, is also heading to the land of milk and honey or back to the land of slavery.

Bringing Back the Slaves
The king and his advisers are under fire this morning from the general public. One unconfirmed report is that the Arm Forces are deployed to overtake the slaves and bring them back.  We will stay on this lead to see what other tricks Moshe has in his bag when confronted with the most powerful military on earth. It appears, Moshe, is leading his people into a trap between the desert and the Red Sea.

The happenings over here are fraught with irony. Several decades ago a Hebrew slave saved the entire nation from starvation with an ingenious economic plan that carried the nation through seven years of famine. At the end of the famine they had a surplus. Later a new administration made slaves out of the Hebrews. Another thing, the over three million that left this morning are weighed down with gold, silver and other riches they borrowed from the Egyptians. Reparation, may be? (Some Americans are talking about the mule and to 40 acres they never go). Some are asking, what are these Hebrew slaves going to do with all this wealth?  There are no shopping malls, Macys, or Wal-Mart out here in the desert.

Handoff Reflection
As I handoff this report, I can’t help reflecting on what happened here today. Moshe’s God appears to be always on the side of the poor, the disadvantaged and the oppressed. He has way to bring down the mighty from their seats and exalts they of humble status. But in some situations, He allows wicked leaders to rule over people until they repent and cry-out for His help.

I kept wondering what would have happened to individual households, if they did not follow the instructions for the Passover ritual. It is the action that each household took that diverted the angel of death from that house. Does God protect individual homes and families today based upon the actions they take? Do we have to intentionally do something to activate divine security and blessing over home and family? Is what true for each household, true for the community and the nation? These and other questions are answered in the ground-breaking book: Dwelling Place Spiritual Cleansing. Get your copy now, Here. Or, visit (for short: DPSCLEANSING.COM).

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I am, Michael Dewar, author and director of Dwelling Place and the chief writer. Professionally, I am pastor, Bible teacher, mentor in the spiritual life, a specialist and consultant in church and family conflicts. I also have a background in Social Work (LMSW) and mental healtn.

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