The Evil of Suffering-Part 1

This is a two-part article, Part 2 addresses suicide May 9th, 2020Author: Michael Dewar Perhaps, you heard of the New York doctor who committed suicide after working heroically treating COVID-19 patients. As one who spent 28 years providing services to patients in a healthcare, hospital setting, I know firsthand the stress and pressure these excellentContinue reading “The Evil of Suffering-Part 1”

Coronavirus Government Order: A Church & State Issue

 Author: Michael Dewar Coronavirus Government Order: A Question of Church and State This short article addresses the question, can the ministers of the secular State order churches to be closed, and if so, should churches follow those orders? Be sure to read the full article before you comment. The question is advanced in the uniqueContinue reading “Coronavirus Government Order: A Church & State Issue”