The Believers’ Court Appearance

Michael Dewar, author
June 28, 2022

We Shall all Appear Before the Judgment Seat of Christ (2Cor.5:10)

The Believers’ Judgment! Do you know anything about it? Don’t feel bad, most Christians never heard of it either. But it is one of the most important events you will face in your life. It is a court appearance before His Majesty in heaven, if you get there.

If you are a genuine follower of Christ, you are already on the schedule to appear. If you are not saved, you won’t be there. You are scheduled to appear at another time and place, but you can learn here how you can join us.

The problem is, how on earth do you prepare for a court appearance in heaven? Well, I have prepared the brief for you. If you are unprepared, the outcome could be very problematic for you. My tasks is to prepare you for the most important day of your life. You need to have a good outcome at this court review. The 3 volumes below are the first in a series of 10 volumes on related events to the Second Coming of the Christ.

Volume 1 is The Rapture. It is the sudden call to appear (you can download a free digital copy June 28, 29, and 30 Here). Volume 2 is The Believers’ Judgment & Rewards, and Volume 3 is The Great Tribulation Survival Guide for those Left Behind.

Learn why many church folks will miss The Rapture, and why many who appear in heaven will have a bad outcome at the Believers’ Judgment. Add these 3 paperback volumes to your reading and read them as if your life depends on it. Before you leave this site be sure to join my email list below. I will notify you as soon as the next 3 volumes are ready.

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